In case you choose to work with a PostgreSQL-driven script application on any of your sites, you need an adequate amount of database storage space for it, to ensure that even if your site grows, it will run properly and without any disorders. Putting more products to an electronic store or additional comments to a discussion forum are just two examples of what may increase the size of your databases. In case you run out of storage space at some time, the performance may decrease or the site may not be accessible at all as a result of the fact that if the storage limit is reached, the script will not be able to store additional content within the database - user-generated or system one. Due to the fact that PostgreSQL is intended for scalable web applications, it's likely that if you employ this kind of database for your site, you'll need extra space for it when your site grows.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Website Hosting
Our Linux website hosting packages were designed with the notion to give you the chance to select the most suitable characteristics based on the type of websites you'd like to host. If you do not need PostgreSQL databases, for instance, you can choose a package which does not contain this system by default. In case you change your opinion subsequently or in case you'd like to have PostgreSQL from the very beginning, you can get one of the plans that come with PostgreSQL support. All of the plans provide sufficient storage space for your databases, therefore even if your sites get bigger, you won't encounter any troubles, since some packages come even with unlimited space. For the entry-level plans, the PostgreSQL storage can be upgraded with a few clicks in the Hepsia website hosting Control Panel.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Hosting
When you order one of our Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages, you will be able to manage PostgreSQL websites without having to worry that you will get to any sort of restriction for the size of your databases, since there isn't such a limit. Using our cloud hosting platform, a separate cluster of servers manages your databases, thus if more processing power or database storage space is needed at any time, we just connect more servers or hard disks. In contrast to other companies, we don't manage everything on the very same server. Our plans are powerful and allow you to run heavy, resource-demanding websites, so we've made sure that the PostgreSQL database storage space attribute matches all the rest of the features. The Hepsia hosting Control Panel which is provided with the semi-dedicated accounts allows you to view the size of any PostgreSQL database that you have along with the overall size of all of the databases, and these numbers are available exclusively for your information.