Linux is a popular Operating System, which is frequently used for web servers, given that it offers a wide variety of advantages over other OSs. It is viewed as the most secure Operating system these days and owing to the way it operates, infected files will simply not work. Because Linux is 100 % free to use, no license fees shall be included to the price you will have to pay for your web hosting service. This, subsequently, makes it possible for the provider to personalize the Operating system in accordance with what they and their clients require, taking away unneeded packages to boost the Operating system and the server’s overall performance. Linux servers usually feature the Apache web server software, that processes Internet site access requests. Apache is additionally free and easy to personalize, not to mention that it's extremely quick and light with regard to the resources it requires. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is the software environment that some of the most popular script applications require – Moodle, Joomla, WordPress,, etc. The LAMP configuration is the most commonly used one across the world, because it is stable and easy to maintain.
Stable Linux with Apache in Website Hosting
All the web servers which are part of our innovative cloud website hosting platform run Linux to be able to ensure their fast and reliable functioning, which will consequently result in superior overall site performance. This is valid for every website that you host in a website hosting account with our company. Every part of the hosting service (e-mail messages, databases, files) will be taken care of by its own group of servers, so only one type of processes will run on a given server, that will contribute to the rapid loading speed of your Internet sites even more. You may use HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Perl and almost any other web development language for your Internet sites, due to the fact that they all can run on a Linux web server. We also use the Apache web server, since our experience over time has shown that it is probably the best software of its type.
Stable Linux with Apache in Semi-dedicated Hosting
When you get a semi-dedicated hosting account for your Internet sites, you will be able to take full advantage of a secure and reliable hosting service on our groundbreaking hosting platform. Linux-powered groups of machines will supply you with the system resources and the uptime that you need, due to the fact that this OS matches our requirements and permits us to modify the software environment as a way to get the most out of the platform, whose design contributes to the speed and reliability of the service even more, because your files, databases, emails, statistics, and so on., shall have their own group to deal with them. To enhance the performance of your Internet sites more, we use the Apache web server, since our working experience demonstrates it is the ideal one for our custom made platform because it's potent, yet light and fast.